Nothing is more precious than your comfort ...

except perhaps the naturals resources

INSENS allows you to preserve both...

For the first time, a shower system combines COMFORT and ECOLOGY and allows you to reduce your daily energy costs.

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INSENS features

Comfort combined with economy and environment respect

You will never wait for hot water

INSENS recovers and reuses hot water that has cooled in your pipes between two uses of your shower.

You get instant hot water from the first seconds and don't waste any drop, without additional energy.

The water you really need 

INSENS is equipped with flow regulators calibrated on shower heads specially designed to preserve your comfort

INSAFE ... Intuitive ecology

You move away from the shower head to soap you, the flow is reduced or cut automatically according to your preferences ...

INSENS automates ecological best practices

For a family of four

That's almost 300 € annual savings 

Family of four living in a dwelling of 100 m² / savings on the water and energy bills