Intelligent water management ... a new sustainable resource for habitat.

INSENS is an evolutive technology. It allows to cumulate and to add several sources of savings in a global solution.

It's a catalyst for hydroeconomic technologies and will soon allow the integration of new functions as well as the optimization of technologies under development.

Heat recovery from wastewater

Nothing should be lost

In order to further optimize the energy efficiency of the INSENS device, we have already thought of new equipment which, coupled with our current technology, will enable the recovery of heat from wastewater in order to further reduce water consumption hot water.

The innovation on this aspect is that this recovery can be done as close to the point of use and will therefore be optimal. Moreover, its implementation will be simple and will not require work on the production circuit itself.

Its operation will be fully automated and controlled without user intervention and will allow a new approach to the dimensioning of domestic hot water production equipment.

New applications in the shower

new assessing equipment the energy performance of housing 

Digital comfort

Settings to perfect degree, memorization of preferences, flow management, programming times or controlling consumption ... The digital control of INSENS offers many new possibilities.

Domotic applications

INSENS will give a new dimension to the shower. It will become a home automation equipment in its own right. You can program its temperature remotely, view your consumption or even analyze to adapt your behavior to further reduce your energy bills.

Connected technology

INSENS will enable the collection and processing of qualified and targeted data on one of the most energy-intensive housing areas. The resulting applications are numerous: Communicating systems, energy optimization, performance evaluation etc ...

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