We designed INSENS, smart and ecological shower solution.

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INSENS features

Comfort combined with economy and environment respect

Instant hot water

With INSENS, no more unnecessary waste of water, the system recovers the cooled hot water in your pipes and reuses it in the normal operation of your shower. Your water is instantly hot at the opening of the tap and you don't lose any drop of water.

Optimized flow

INSENS incorporates calibrated flow reducers to maintain maximum comfort while saving water.

Always associated with rain shower heads, INSENS responds perfectly to the needs of each and offers a comfort similar to that of a "traditional" shower

INSAFE ... intuitive ecology

On a single push or a single movement, you switch into economical mode while you soap or carry out your shampoo. Water always flows, you don't have sensations of cold and you consume only the water you really need.

Discover INSENS video, presented in french by its designers