Exploring Hidden Power of Water ! 

This is INMAN's ambition! we are developing a technology to achieve significant water and energy savings at the habitat level.

Our field of expertise is HYDRO-ECONOMY, in its entirety, that is to say to accumulate the most sources of savings in a GLOBAL and PERFORMING solution.


Ecological habitat

The ecological transition of habitat is a major challenge for our society.

We propose a new track for its development: The WATER Performance .

A passive house will no longer need energy to heat but its inhabitants will always need water and hot water for their sanitary needs.

 Comfort and Accessibility

Ecological efficiency should not be against comfort. This is our motto at INMAN!

Our technology preserves and even improves the comfort of the user while optimizing water consumption.

Moreover, it's not an elitist solution and it is adaptable to all types of installation.